8 Chocolate Arancini

8 Chocolate Rice Balls Arancini 200 g (7.05 oz) each one - 24h Shipping - Old Confectionery Scimone

Rice Balls (Arancini), a true delight of Sicilian cuisine, is perfect as a snack, antipasto, first course and even as a main course.

It is believed that it was imported by the Arabs who used to eat rice and saffron served with meat and herbs. The crisp crust dating to the days of Frederick II served to preserve the rice and stuffing and made it easier to carry on journeys and during hunts.


Ingredients -> rice,sugar, dark chocolate, cocoa, flour, salt.

Nutritional value table refers to 100 g of finished product


Protein (g)

Carbohydrate (g)

Fat (g)






Tip: Heat them in the microwave before eating!

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