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You are in Cannoli

8 Classic Cannoli
Don Leo's Blog: Please comment or review!
  • Simply delicious! To be recommended!
    By: Monica Ziemba 12/20/18 12:00
  • Superb! Nice for eyes, delicious for the mouth! ))))
    By: Jeannie_ 10/12/18 19:20
  • The cannolis were excellent! My mother really enjoyed it. It brings back memories of when we visited my family in Sicily. Looking forward to placing a order on your Cassata. Ciao
    By: Luca 03/02/18 13:06
  • Hi, your online shop is very decent and professional, easy order procedure, punctual arrival and good food really, special compliments for cannoli. Best regards!
    By: Urbin Kneefel 01/18/18 12:16
  • Always the best! The cheesy filling is so tender and melting the mouth, your cannoli are super!
    By: Sophia 12/16/17 14:03
  • Definitely to be recommended. Cannoli are fresh and creamy, very tasty, fast delivery and positive experience in general. Thank you don Leo
    By: Simon Krighton 03/24/17 08:28
  • I am a big fan of cannoli and must say that the selection in this shop is very good. I have already tried classic ones and chocolate ones, all arrived fresh, with delicious ricotta filling, nicely wrapped and packed. Good job! (thumb-up)!
    By: Jessa 02/16/17 12:22
  • This is what I call real Italian style, very good cannoli, super!
    By: BlAcKnighTrIsiNG 12/04/16 20:13
  • What can be better than cannoli? Only chocolate cannoli :-) yummy!
    By: Giulia 08/30/16 01:12
  • Good morning it was my first experience and the feedback is absolutely positive. Cannoli are really good and fresh, your chef is a master! The package arrived as scheduled, reliable service, big thanks from one more satisfied customer
    By: Eilidh 08/13/16 10:32

8 Classic Cannoli

8 Sicilian Cannoli with Pure Sheep's Milk Ricotta - 24h SHIPPING - Old Confectionery Scimone

A typical winter dessert, Sicilian Cannoli once were prepared only for Carnevale, because of the complexity of its recipe.

Our cannolo is made of a crisp shell, each made by hand, and filled with ricotta cheese and small bits of chocolate.

The ricotta cheese is made from 100% pure sheep milk from Santo Stefano Quisquina farming. It's sweeten and sifted by our pastry chef masters during the preparation of the cannolo.

The Cannolo: the matchless taste of tradition!





Ingredients -> sheep’s milk ricotta cheese, sugar, lard, flour, cocoa, pumpkin cubes, chocolate chips, orange peel, natural flavors, cinnamon.

Nutritional value table refers to 100 g of finished product


Protein (g)

Carbohydrate (g)

Fat (g)







Sicilian Cannoli are also available in different shapes and sizes - Products Home






Cannoli Package



  Unboxing Video: Sicilian Cannoli delivered directly
to Architect Isabelle de Vuyst-suma's home, at the heart of Bruxelles




Order sicilian cannoli online!

They are each made by hand by Scimone' s pastry chefs according to an ancient recipe

They will be delivered to your door in a special package designed for air delivery.

24h Shipping


online price Sale from producer to customer:

Buy 8 Classic Cannoli at THE RIGHT PRICE!
Order now the best sicilian desserts! Online Shop

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